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Self-Review, Pt. 3

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Oct 8, 2021


Haha! Remember when Sam was almost painfully honest? It's pretty funny to think about how much he changed over the course of the series. (That's actually one of my favourite parts about it, to be honest! You don't get a lot of opportunities to follow a character through such a long journey.)

I'm continuing to post October pen-and-ink drawings -- old and new -- on my twitter! Here's another recent one:

Lots more to come! And as usual, I'll be selling all the originals.

Come back on Monday for our next comic!

-Sam Logan

Oct 6, 2021

It's Sam

Self-Review continues with the "first" appearance of Sam! When I made this story for the first S&F Omnibus collection, it was definitely a fun challenge to re-learn how to draw Sam the way I originally drew him in the early days of the strip. His design has evolved a lot over the years!

Meanwhile... it's October! So as is tradition, I'm going to be making a bunch of inked drawings and posting them to my twitter and here on my website. (And I'll be shaing some early previews and extra pieces on my Patreon, where I'll be taking some drawing idea suggestions from backers.)

I'm not going to be doing a drawing every single day this year, but I'll still be doing a bunch. Here's my first one:

 Come back on Friday for our next comic!

-Sam Logan

Oct 4, 2021

Yo, Taxi

Time for a blast from the past! Self-Review is a story I originally created for the omnibus collection of the first 7 years of Sam & Fuzzy. (Available now in print and ebook form!)

For those who don't know, Sam & Fuzzy began as a gag strip in a student newspaper, then gradually morphed into a story-driven comic with actual continuity. Because of this, there was no real "intro story" to the comic that introduced the cast, setting, and basic premise. So, when I was putting together the book collections... I decided to make one!

Self-Review was a really interesting story to make! It was fun getting to go back and decide how I wanted to introduce new readers to Sam & Fuzzy. It was also quite a challenge to write and draw! This chapter would be appearing immediately in front of the actual original Classic comics, so I wanted it to feel like those strips -- not just the visuals, but also the grid-panel structure and gag pacing.

Anyway, while this story has served as an introduction to S&F for many book readers, it has never been published online before! So I'm happy to share it with you all now, and provide a little insight into how I made it. Come back on Wednesday for Pt. 2!

-Sam Logan