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Underground History, Pt. 1

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May 18, 2022

History Lesson

While we're on the topic of Mr. Sin, I thought this might be a particularly opportune to share this two-part comic here! So, let's briefly flash back to the day Sin first joined The Committee... the secret organization that used to run the Underground and keep inhumans hidden from the rest of the world. This scene originally appeared in the Underground RPG guidebook (available in book form here and ebook form here), along with tons of details and lore about the S&F universe!

As readers of my most recent stuff will know, the Underground is not what it once was... the "great eruption" revealed the existense of the Underground (and destroyed a decent chunk of it), and inhumans now live freely on the surface. (Which has its pros and cons, as we saw Cynthia discuss.)

Part two will arrive on Friday! And this Saturday and Sunday, I'll be at VanCAF booth G8, if you wanna come say hello!

-Sam Logan


May 16, 2022

Sin seconds

And here is the second half of Malcolm's Mr. Sin write-up! Of course, Malcolm couldn't know exactly how Mr. Sin met his end during the events of Sin's Gambit... but he pieced things together as best he could.

This weekend, I'll be appearing at VanCAF: The Vancouver Comic Arts Festival! And as always, it's free to attend. If you're going to be at the show, too, I'll see you there. (Please wear a mask!)

Come back on Wednesday, y'all!

-Sam Logan

May 13, 2022

Malcolm's Conspiracy Blog

Today's update is an exceprt from a longer "blog" article about longtime S&F villain Mr. Sin... written by everyone's favourite conspiracy theorist, Malcolm! The article appeared as a bonus features in Sam and Fuzzy: Missing Inaction (available in print here or in ebook form here). I always have a lot of fun making in-universe stuff like this!

See you on Monday, team!

-Sam Logan