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Empire, Pt. 23

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Dec 21, 2005

It's an operating table, and I'm the surgeon

This year, a bunch of the other Dayfree Press guys got together to do a holiday-themed, secret-santa-styled art exchange. I made this picture for my buddy Josh over at Girly. Meanwhile, David Tekeila from Comet 7 made this one, which features some Fuzzy/No4thwall crossover action:

Click to view the full-sized colour version

You can see all the other Dayfree-ers artwork on the Dayfree Press website. Rocksome!

Meanwhile, if you want to send someone a digital Sam and Fuzzy Christmas card, go to town!

Sam Logan

Dec 19, 2005

Worse? Or better?

I think Sam could probably stand to ninja-proof his apartment. At least he had Alphonso on his side this time.

Gotta cut the rantage short today! I'm afraid I'm a little under the weather. But I'd be doing you all a great disservice if I did not direct towards Roger the disembodied head's amusing cameo over at Radioactive Panda!

Sam Logan

Dec 16, 2005

The mimes are food for the bums underground

Now here's a new webcomic worth keeping an eye on. Not only is Steve Purcell finally drawing a new Sam and Max comic... he's giving it away for free on the intertron just like all the kids are doing! I'd be lying if I said the whole rollover idea didn't worry me... but hey, it's new Sam and Max! It is impossible for me to feel bad about that.

Can you believe that someone on my forum actually predicted most of Empire's plot twists all the way back in June!?! At the time, reading that thread was like having a tiny heart attack. Fortunately, most readers I've heard from appear to have been a bit less precognitive. (If you're looking for a refresher on DJ Positive and Candice's dad, here's some link dropping to save you the trouble of trolling through the entire archive: DJ Positive is introduced; DJ Positive is murdered; Candice discusses her father.)

There is still one more week left of the Empire storyline. After that, I'm taking some desperately needed time off, so prepare yourself for the third annual Obligatory Guest Artist Webcomic Duration (fondly known as O-GAWD). And after that, I'm back on the job with brand new New Years' Special, the very name of which must remain unspoken because it contains spoilers! And then... well, let's just say that 2006 will be an interesting year!

Sam Logan