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Empire, Pt. 24

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Dec 23, 2005

Dressed in cobras

Whew! Here it is... the end of Empire! (And, in my opinion, a nice little bookend when paired with last year's Christmas special.

Today's comic arrives a few hours later than usual for two reasons: my computer is much too old to perform well when working with comics of this size, and I am much too sick to perform well when doing anything that requires maintaining conciousness for more than five minutes at a time. But it's here now, and I'm eager to hear what everyone thought of the story as a whole! My email inbox is always open, folks! (Although I'm not very good at actually replying to any of the things in it.)

I hope you all enjoy the holiday weekend! O-GAWD III begins on Monday, which means you can look forward to (or dread the thought of) two weeks of Sam and Fuzzy strips authored by a bevy of talented webcartoonists that I either begged, bribed or beat up. Cheers!

Sam Logan

Dec 21, 2005

It's an operating table, and I'm the surgeon

This year, a bunch of the other Dayfree Press guys got together to do a holiday-themed, secret-santa-styled art exchange. I made this picture for my buddy Josh over at Girly. Meanwhile, David Tekeila from Comet 7 made this one, which features some Fuzzy/No4thwall crossover action:

Click to view the full-sized colour version

You can see all the other Dayfree-ers artwork on the Dayfree Press website. Rocksome!

Meanwhile, if you want to send someone a digital Sam and Fuzzy Christmas card, go to town!

Sam Logan

Dec 19, 2005

Worse? Or better?

I think Sam could probably stand to ninja-proof his apartment. At least he had Alphonso on his side this time.

Gotta cut the rantage short today! I'm afraid I'm a little under the weather. But I'd be doing you all a great disservice if I did not direct towards Roger the disembodied head's amusing cameo over at Radioactive Panda!

Sam Logan