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Tangent, Pt. 15

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Mar 23, 2007


Because a triple-sized comic just isn't enough, I've also made a new post over at the Dayfree Press art blog today. This time, it's a fun (I think) little fanart that I made for the contest currently going on in the Kitty-bot forum. It wouldn't be fair for me to actually compete (since I'm probably going to help pick the winner), so I made a non-competing doodle strictly for giggles.


The battle continues Monday! See you then.

Sam Logan

Mar 21, 2007

Into dreams...

Is a NiGHTS sequel finally on the way? Probably!

But then, it's no big surprise. SEGA loves to squeeze every last penny out of their licenses, and Sonic Team always wanted to create a follow-up that would use a motion-sensitive controller. NiGHTS and the Wii are a match made in heaven... a partnership so inspiring, you almost forget that Sonic Team hasn't managed to scrape together a half-decent game in years.


Sam Logan

Mar 19, 2007

Alternate Mask Themes




Masquerade party guest?

Brain surgeon?

A person with their head stuck inside a medium-sized mason jar?

The Invisible Man? (From the neck up.)

Sam Logan