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Therapy, Pt. 7

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Sep 17, 2007

Super Hyper Awesome Bonus Guest Strip ++

As promised, here is an extra special guest strip from an extra special artist... my buddy Ryan Estrada, one of the nicest (and most prolific) webcartoonists around. Thanks, Ryan! You are a machine.

Meanwhile, our main story continues on Wednesday. Woosh!

Sam Logan

Sep 14, 2007

These are the fables

The weekend arrives at last! (Almost!)

Tune in on Monday, not only for the next comic in this arc, but also for a secret bonus guest strip from a secret bonus guest artist! (Secret! Bonus!)

Sam Logan

Sep 12, 2007

Quick, to the shame-mobile

Man, I'd buy an issue of that comic in a heartbeat.

A brand new, freshly-upgraded, feature-rich message board is on schedule to replace our current one on Friday. Sound exciting? It is! But what can I say? Here at Sam and Fuzzy we are all about creating exciting new venues for internet users to complain and act entitled.

Our story continues on Friday. See you then!

Sam Logan