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Season Finale, Pt. 20

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Sep 28, 2011


Holy smokes, guys... Kate's new book is out! I've seen it, and it's super great -- not that I would have expected anything less. You can nab it now at bookstores... or you can order it online direct from Topatoco! (Which I'd personally recommend, if only because that's where Kate will get the largest kickback cut of the sale.)

Speaking of books, just a reminder... the deadline to get in our our first Book Club bonus pack is this Sunday! Marvel at our pair of exclusive desktops in a variety of resolutions! Be shocked and confused by never-before-seen early Sam and Fuzzy comics, complete with rambling author commentary!

The digital goodies will be emailing out on Monday to anyone and everyone who has picked up a copy of our new book, Sam and Fuzzy Are Very Famous. If you want 'em too, just order a book before the deadline, and on Monday you'll receive them automatically. Pow!

-Sam Logan

Sep 26, 2011

Book Club deadline

Slight change of plans for the Book Club bonus pack release, team! When I set the original deadline, I forgot one small-but-very-important detail... I'm going to be out of town this weekend, helping my pal (and famous Sam and Fuzzy tech support) Ashton realize his dream of a Las Vegas birthday! And while they do have internet in Las Vegas, there isn't really any quick or practical way for me to tab up all the book orders and email out the bonuses remotely.

So, if no one minds too much, I will send out our first bonus pack slightly later, on the day I get back: Monday, October 3rd. The silver-lining to my goof: any procrastinators hoping to get in on the free comic and desktop action now have until October 2nd to pick up a copy of Volume 2.

Sorry, team! I hope you can all find a fun way to kill an extra two days before your lives can be dramatically and permanently enhanced by your bonus packs. I promise the desktops and bonus comics it contains are totally worth the wait!

-Sam Logan

Sep 23, 2011

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Secret Identity Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"So. . . Is Detective Morris really Hazel Kim? Or at least a relative of hers?" -Corina

I like this theory! It's fun. And I certainly don't blame you for thinking that. They do have kind of similarly-shaped heads! But they are definitely different people. Actually, here's a little piece of trivia for you... that's a young Morris in the top left corner of this comic. Surprise!

Relatives? Also a fun theory! Alas no, not in this case. But that said, Detective Morris is related to former-main-cast-member Getrude Dupont. She's her aunt! So it's still a small world (after all.)

"In this comic, Sin implies that "Fuzzy" was a pseudonym for Fuzzy/Eric in the past. So when Hazel "first met" Fuzzy in the dumpster she chose to call him Fuzzy because it was convenient? Does this retcon your previous retcon of how Sin knew Fuzzy's name?" -Tom

Pretty much!

I still think Hazel called our tiny protaganist "Fuzzy" in the alley primarily as a play off of what he said, without even realizing he would adopt it as his permanent new name. I just added the wrinkle that now, as we learned in last Monday's comic, "Fuzzy" was also one of many pseudonyms Hazel used for Fuzzy/Eric when they used to work together.

And yes... as you and many others guessed, I worked in this piece of minute trivia to address my most famous and frequently discussed super-embarassing continuity error! Why does Mr. Sin call Fuzzy "Fuzzy" and not Eric when they are first reunited, and why is "Fuzzy" (presumably) the name on the Blamco Toys licensing agreement? Now you know! Now let us never speak of it again.

PS: Never actually sign a contract with a pseudonym. It's probably not a good move.

"Was it Hazel on the blurry background on the 4th panel of this
And - it doesn't hurt to ask - were those a shark and a wolf on the previous panel?" -Carlos

That is indeed Hazel -- and in the previous panel, Rexford and several other members of the committee. But their "appearance" was strictly symbolic, my friend! None of them were actually present, riding in the neighbouring teacups. It was just an excuse to use an interesting visual device.

All right! That's another week in the can. Come back on Monday for our next comic!

-Sam Logan