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Oct 28, 2011

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Weasel Edition
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"Upon my latest archive diving, I found something curious. A lot of times we've heard referrences to some greased ferrets Mr. Sin, in his many incarnations, seems to be obssessed about (comics 1319 and 1371 are examples). Did he get the inspiration for such ferret shenanigans from Sid's song about him?" -Bernardo

Actually, Bernardo, I think you've uncovered something far more sinister -- evidence that my subconscious is trying to reveal my shameful, shameful secret ferret fetish.

I can't help it. They're just such sexy little bastards!

"How did Fuzzy get on the ferris wheel if he's not as tall as the 'you must be this tall...' sign?" -Alex

That strip was actually my subtle editorial about the tragic and crippling wave of apathy currently sweeping North American theme park employees. Something has to change, Alex.

"I was just poking through the store again (early Giftfest shopping and all) and took a closer look at the "Ask Me About the Conspiracy!' shirt. I noticed that at least one of those post-its has turned out to be true since the shirt went into sale. Perhaps this is too spoilerific of territory, but are there other easter eggs hidden in the very fabric of our clothing?" -Jessica

Haha, maybe! It was a few years ago now, but at the time, I was definitely trying to load it up with a few authentic Malcolmisms. Malcolm's most accurate theories were primarily derived from the Sin tower security feeds his head was hijacking, so as a general rule, they tend to be about things Mr. Sin is involved in. Some of those things have just wound up taking a lot longer for me to get to than I thought they would!

Of course, a lot of the other items on the shirt were strictly for the gags -- primarily the more pop-culture-y ones, but some of the others as well. So don't get mad if the squad of sentient plants never show up!

"What happen to Fuzzy's syndicate? (From this strip.)" -Adam

Even now, people still talk about the dramatic rise and sudden fall of Don Bearro -- the greatest cautionary tale in the history of organized crime. It is the stuff of legend!

That's a wrap for this week, team. But come back on Monday, where we take a brief intermission from our current story to present some extremely scary Halloween comics!

-Sam Logan

Oct 26, 2011

Conscience Cat Says...

Wow! Sounds like folks are already starting to receive our new swag items in the mail. What can I say? Topatoco's team of enslaved elves work quickly!

I'm always eager to see my stuff in the hands of (hopefully) happy people -- and am particularly excited to see what folks are doing with the magnets and whiteboards -- so if you've got a camera and the inclination, email or tweet me your photos! Unless they're incredibly disturbing. Then send them directly to Jeph.

We return on Friday, with a new comic and a new round of Q and A. In the meantime, don't forget to check out Love Me Nice, and the guest strip of mine that it's archive now contains. Odds are high that you will dig this business.

-Sam Logan

Oct 24, 2011

Love Me Nice

Hey! Did you all see the guest strip I put together for Amanda Lafrenais' Love Me Nice on Friday? For those who don't know, Love Me Nice is a lushly illustrated black-and-white comic about the sordid private lives of the cartoony stars of a wholesome family television series. (I don't know why, but for some reason, I feel like Sam and Fuzzy readers might dig that kind of thing!) You can read the full guest strip by clicking the preview image below:

You can also find the guest strip Amanda drew for me right here! Now we are even.

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Three-Days-Late Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"I want to make webcomics, and one of the hardest parts for me is figuring out resolution and how it will affect my work when I put it on the web. (I work at 600 DPI and I've heard that most Web images are 72 dpi, yikes!) I know you do most of your work on paper, but could you explain a little bit about how you prepare comics for internet consumption?" -Jack

Absolutely! Because man, this is super important information that every webcartoonist should know right from the get-go.The last thing you want to do is make three years of web-resolution strips and then find out... argh... that prints and books require much larger versions!

You can find a detailed breakdown of how I do my linework scanning in the Q and A post right over here. It's a million years old now (which is probably why you haven't already seen it!), but that's still how I do it and the info is still accurate. Hope it helps!

"These recent Noosehead strips are making me wonder if you've ever thought about teaming up with Jeph's Dethmøle to make a Noosehead song or two actually happen in the auralverse? Because that'd be SWEET. " -Roo

Actually, Jeph was going to help me record one! I wrote the guitar part for him and everything. But unfortunately, Jeph has been too busy murdering hobos and enslaving orphans to actually record it. (Or alternately, I suppose you could say he's just been too busy with his own music or something.) I should bug him about it again, though. Maybe now is the time!

"What question would YOU most like to answer? There must be something you're dying to see pop up in your inbox so you can finally unleash your super-well-thought-out, riddled-with-backlinks answer." -Kim

Well, geeze, Kim... if you're going to give me an opportunity to pat myself on the back, I suppose I should take it!

But to be honest, I'm having a hard time of thinking of any truly genius-demonstrating question! (Possibility because of the extremely limited amount of genius available for demonstrating.) But I don't want to leave you high and back-link dry. So here's one little tidbit of continuity trivia for our nerdier readers:

Back in this comic, Fuzzy and Hazel were caught in the middle of the "Ruxpin Maneuver" -- a thieving strategy where Fuzzy poses as a teddy bear in order to loot safety deposit boxes. Hazel suspects the authorities caught on because they had overused the maneuver, but Fuzzy doesn't see how the two robberies he remembers qualifies as "overuse". That was one of the little hints that Fuzzy and Hazel were actually working together long before he lost his memory -- there were other, earlier Ruxpin robberies that he doesn't remember.

OK! How was that? Suitably obscure and back-link-ariific, I hope!

"OMG. In the new magnets, is that a Post Apocalyptic Pirate Cyborg Fuzzy????!!!!1" -Amy

It sure is! Bitey the Shark would be very proud. (Man, I can't wait to see what people build out of these things!)

That's a wrap for today. But come back on Wednesday for more stuff!

-Sam Logan