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Off the Sauce, Pt. 15

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Apr 10, 2014

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Secret Edition
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"If Sam got Gertrude's help because he could trust her, why didn't he tell her the role he needed her to play in Operation Overview [from the beginning]?" -Jake

Two reasons, probably. One was security -- he wasn't sure exactly how many spies there were in the Ninja Mafia or how they were observing him. Keeping the truth from Gertrude until the last moment made it impossible for anyone to overhear it, or for her to leak it accidentally.

And two, which is the more ruthless part -- he did it to trick her. Sam only got Gert to work for him under the false pretense of training recruits. He only told her the real reason she was there when it was too late to change or oppose his plan. Everything was already in motion, and she had to either play her role or watch the entire thing fall apart. It was a dick move, which is why she was so choked about it.

"In [last] Friday's Q & A you mentioned how Varney doesn't care much for Sin. Now I'm curious on how he feels about Sam? [...] He has both reason to like and dislike Sam for revealing vampires to the world." -Chad

It's true! Varney unequivocaly supported the "closeting" of vampires, and quarantining any who wouldn't get with the program. Now, maybe he really felt that was the best thing for the safety of their kind. But on the other hand, he may have done so out of pragmatism, because he feared a complete surface ban was the only alternative.

So how does Varney feel about Sam exposing vampires to the public? How do all vampires feel about it? Has it made things better or worse? Well... I'm not going to tell you, actually. But the smart money is on all this coming up in future chapters. So hang tight!

"In strip #1806, it's heavily implied that Brain has done his little cat-scan ability (hah) on Sam before.  Why wouldn't the Ninja Mafia compound's cameras have caught that occurrence?  With everyone still there during those meetings, Hazel wouldn't have been able to shut them off, right?" -Jared

All of Sam's prior meetings with Hazel occured in secret outside the Ninja Mafia compound. (For example, on the roof of his apartment building in Sub-Newport.) Hazel had to feed Sam information and learn when the compound would be mostly undefended before she was finally able to break-in and look for... whatever she was looking for. Before that, she'd never been inside Mafia HQ before.

Or at least, not since Sam was in charge!

That's a wrap for this week! See you on Monday, team.

-Sam Logan

Apr 9, 2014

You and the Cap'n make it happen

If the last panel of today's comic confuses, don't worry... you just have a terrible memory! (No biggie. So do I!)

We just got back from seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I think it's probably my favourite superhero flick since the original Iron Man. It's a great adaptation of the source material... it uses almost none of the actual plot of Brubaker and Epting's original Winter Soldier comic, but it nails the characters, themes and tone of that book perfectly. And that book is one of my favourites, so count me pleased. (Albiet sliiiiightly motion sick from all that shaky cam. Rein it in, dudes! Think of the children!)

-Sam Logan

Apr 6, 2014


Thanks for a nice time at Camosun College this weekend, Victoria! It was, as always, lovely to visit my old home town.

I'm substantially late to this party, but if you've ever watched one of Brian Cox's "Wonders of the..." science docs, you've really got to see this parody series: Marvels of the Science. Professor Scott Bug's accent might be a little goofy, but his aping of Cox's speech mannerisms and explanation techniques is lovingly and hilariously bang on.

We return on Wednesday with our next strip! See you then.

-Sam Logan