SAM & FUZZY, by Sam Logan (updates M/W/F)

Six Years Earlier, Pt. 84

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Jun 1, 2016

Lend him a hand

Sam really likes to wave that Sin arm around. Kinda morbid, dude!

This is a hectic month for me, friends... a mix of travelling, then packing, then moving to a new place across town! But although you might not see as many words from me down here for the next little while, your regularly scheduled Sam and Fuzzy comics should keep arriving as usual. (And you won't want to miss these ones!)

Our next comic lands on Friday. See you then!

-Sam Logan

May 30, 2016

Back to the Future

Ha! I bet this strip might seems a little frustrating. But rest assured... though it may be a while before Sam and company find out what exactly happened with Brain and Fridge, you will be finding out in a couple of strips. (Even I wouldn't torture you that much.) We just need to check in with these bozos first!

In other news, I drew the first of this month's two Patreon-backer chosen art pieces! You can check it out over on my Patreon page by clicking the image below.

-Sam Logan

May 27, 2016

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Serious Business Edition
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"Hey!  I'm a long time Sam and Fuzzy reader, and have been reading since about a year before Sam and Fuzzy Fix Your Problem.  As the comic has gone along, it's gotten much more serious, but what initially drew me to Sam and Fuzzy were its silly, fun elements.  The story has been pretty gritty lately, and as much as I appreciate that as well, I was wondering if we're going to get back to some lighter material any time soon?" -Sadie

Oh, for sure! We're just in the midst of a particularly serious chunk of the story, as happens from time to time around here. Once this chapter wraps -- which, as you may have guessed, is happening pretty soon -- I'll be running a couple of breather gag strips, then diving headlong into a very goofy (but still plot-propelling) new chapter that explores a weird, previously unseen section of the Underground. Should be fun!

Sam and Fuzzy is a delicate mix of drama and goofy comedy. (Or at least, it has been for the bulk of its run.) I know sometimes the pendulum swings pretty far in one direction, but it always swings back the other way sooner or later. And it'll keep swinging until the day it's all over! (Waugh!)

"I was wondering, after going through the scene with the Ninja Emperor... why didn't Hart jump into Fuzzy? Wouldn't it have been a harrowing revelation to Fuzzy if Hart spilled info on Brain to him?" -Abu

When someone's body is taken over by an entity like Brain or Fridge, I think the transfer of information is pretty one-way. So I don't think Fuzzy would have learned much of anything! (After all, Sam didn't.)

Ultimately, I think Fridge never jumped into Fuzzy during the throne-room scene just because there was never really a compelling reason for him to do so. (And he never did so earlier because, in his own words, he "wasn't that desperate".) During the fight, Fridge jumps to whoever seems most advantageous, and Fuzzy is just never that guy. We don't see a ton of the fight in this flashback story, but you can watch it unfold in the original Classic-Era Empire story and see what I mean!

"Do you think you'll ever make a physical version of the pin-up books? I like the digital versions but it would be nice to have them in print!" -D

I get asked this now and then... especially at conventions! (Which is why I started selling the ebooks themselves at con via download codes.) At 46 and 50 pages, respectively, they make for a cool downloadable mini thing but are probably a little short to make into books. But maybe, if and when I make a third one, I could compile all three into a single volume. I'm not sure! It'd be something I'd look into if enough people demanded it. But I like having little downloadable exclusives, and I think they're a good fit for that!

That's a wrap for this week, team. See you on Monday!

-Sam Logan