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Rock Bottom, Pt. 69

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Dec 3, 2018

Holiday Shipping Deadlines!

Edison, in case you forgot, is the ninja mafioso who was managing the coversion/operation of the Buddy Bots. (And also the creator of Dobot!)

Americans: you have until December 9th to order Sam and Fuzzy swag with regular shipping and get it in time for Christmas! (After that you will need to resort to faster shipping methods.) We've got t-shirts! We've got books! And we even restocked my Christmas Cards! Go check it out!

-Sam Logan

Nov 30, 2018

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Hand Solo Edition
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"Have you ever sustained a repetitive stress injury in your wrist from spending so much time drawing for so many years?" -Corbin

I have not! I have been drawing constantly since I was young -- I drew tons of pages of (bad) comics during class even when I was a little kid -- so I guess I've either built up a tolerance, got good wrist posture, or am just really lucky!

"How did Fridge/Hart end up in Sam and Fuzzy's fridge? I mean, we see it happening in strip 2131: the little scraps that are left of Hart's form after brain eats him are carried, seemingly by the wind, over a large distance into Sam and Fuzzy's apartment. But if it were really the wind doing it, they would have ended up all over the place. So what drives them? For a long time I thought Brain 'directed' them there on purpose (for reasons known only to him), but in a later strip Brain makes it clear (to Hazel) that he didn't intend to leave any scrap of Hart's shell behind. So then, if it was not Brain, who directed Hart to S&F's fridge? Hart himself? But how did he know where to go?" -Vincent

I think that Hart -- severely injured and trying to hold together the last scraps of his form -- got himself into that fridge. Maybe the wind helped a little, but those little specs of his remaining form must possess at least a little spacial awareness and mobility, since later we see them leap from person to person when he possesses different folks.

As for how he knew where to go... I think the "where to go" in this case was just to the closest apartment with an open window and a refridgerator. Without the tar shell, the outside world burns demons, so shoving himself someplace cold was a conscious last-ditch maneuver to lessen the burn while he tried to recouperate a little.

Like most of the "mechanics" of fantasy elements in the comic, it's all a little bit goofy! But I think it's more or less in line with the relative goof level of everything else in S&F.

"Did David Malki ! ask you to reference the Elephant of Surprise, or was it your idea to add the Easter egg? What about Jeph Jacques? I know you're all convention-buddies!

Are there any more sick elephant references out there, in other series??" -Michael


First off, for those who missed it, check out last week's Q and A for the full story on the life and secret history of the "check out my sick elephant" running gag!


As for the reference that appeared in S&F... Malki didn't have to put me up to it! After spending all of Gen Con brainstorming stupid "sick elephant" jokes together, I knew I wanted to get one into S&F somewhere... it just took quite a while for the natural spot to come up in the story! Jeph was with us at Gen Con as well, and wanted to do his own little nod to it after the Wondermark storyline was over.


I am not personally aware of any other sick elephant references in other comics. But if there are... sick! Definitely something you'd want to check out.


We return on Monday with our next comic. See you then!


-Sam Logan

Nov 28, 2018

New Invader Zim!

Out today: a new issue of the Invader Zim comic written by moi, with art by Kate Sherron and colours by Fred C. Stressing! You can nab a copy at your local comic store, or get it digitally via digital comic shops like Comixology. You can read a preview here!

This issue is about everyone's favourite brothers, Zim and Dib. (You knew they were brothers, right? Of course you did. Everyone knows that. EVERYONE HAS ALWAYS KNOWN THAT AND DOES NOT QUESTION IT.) It's heartwarming. It's wholesome. It's a nightmarish cavalcade of horror from which there is no escape!

And guess what: I also wrote the two issues that come out after this one, and some more stories that will be coming a little later, too! So if you like me and you like Zim, then buddy, you are in luck.

We return on Friday with a new comic and a new round of Q and A! As always, if you've got a question you'd like answered, just pop it in an email with "Q and A" in the subject line!

-Sam Logan