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You Can Only Keep Three, Pt. 2

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Apr 14, 2021

Rat Nut

Monday's comic got a fun response! Particularly on twitter, where the chart generated an astonishing number of deadpan comments from folks "remembering" their favourite shows. You can check out said responses by clicking the tweet below.

In today's comic, Ruby and Alicia discuss the merits of Bitey the Shark, who you may recall from these previous comics. Alicia has some serious Opinions About Cartoons, just like I do. (Although not the same opinions... I really like the new Mickey shorts lol.)

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-Sam Logan

Apr 12, 2021

Keep Three

I've been itching to create this gag "pick three" chart for a while now, so I took today's comic as an excuse to finally do it! I put a lot of work into making those logos look as real as I could... click here if you'd like to see them at a larger size! (I'll also be posting it on my twitter in the morning.)

In other news, a new month's worth of rewards are out now on my Patreon, including a brand new Fuzzy/Bonus/Trevor comic for all backers! There's also art for the Extra and Vault tiers, and new nsfw comics and pin-ups for the Saucy Hippo tier. Woo!

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-Sam Logan

 including a brand new bonus comic for all backers! Plus new art for the Extra and Vault tiers, and new nsfw comics and pin-ups for the Saucy Hippo tier.

Apr 9, 2021

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Burlesque Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"Something I've been meaning to ask for a while but kept forgetting about. Have you received any feedback, praise, or criticism from anyone an actual burlesque communities or Industries? Do you think the burlesque community at all aware of its portrayal in Sam and Fuzzy?" -Anthony

I've definitely gotten some nice comments from individual readers who are burlesque performers! But I get them more about the burlesque-inspired pin-ups and performance sets that I draw for the Saucy Hippo Patreon tier, rather than the stuff in the comic itself. (Since, let's be honest... while there are a lot of burlesque performers in the main comic, there's not really much actual burlesque happening on panel outside of some silly costumes.)

I can't say I've ever got any criticism or negative feedback about how burlesque is depicted in my work. But to be fair, I am sure the vast majority of the broader burlesque community is not even aware that Sam and Fuzzy exists. It is an indie comic, after all. Most people aren't aware it exists, haha!

"I started going through the series again from the start since I received all my omnibuses (they look great!). I think I found a small continuity error.

Here we see Sam talking about the courier woman (who we know is Candice). A few strips later we see the ninjas invade Sam's apartment (which we know leads to Hart going on a rampage and killing Candice's father, DJ Positive). But here we see Candice saying she took the delivery job AFTER the ninja attack to find out more about Sam. So, what happened?" -Pedantic Alan

Aha! You're absolutely right, Alan. Good catch!

When I wrote the Six Years Earlier flashback story and retroactively expanded on Candice's side of the Classic era story, I tried to be very careful to adhere to all the details of the original comics and timeline. But I guess I forgot about that one strip mentioning Candice prior to her actual first on-panel appearnace.

To correct that minor goof, I would suggest the following solution: just pretend that first comic with Sam talking about Candice didn't happen until after the home invasion, rather than before it. After all, it only ran a couple of pages ahead of the home invasion story! So let's all just collectively scoot it a little forward in our minds.

"So now that Prime Minister Squirrel is dead, who is the new PM of Canada?" -Kris


That's all for this week, team! But come back on Monday for our next comic.

-Sam Logan