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Apr 30, 2010

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Accidentally Mislabeled as Belated Monday Edition
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"I read many comics, and of them you are the only one that updates
regularly with awesome material. How do you keep it going and keep it
good at the same time?" -Zach

I don't! Most of my comics are awful. It turns out you just have terrible taste!

Plus, I only do three strips a week. Having at least two days to spread out the work for each comic means I usually have enough time to reconsider most of my really stupid ideas. No comic ever has to go up an hour or two after it was first written. I can sleep on them, and then alter/edit/redraw/euthanize as necessary.

"In comics 667 and 668, when Mr. Blank had Aaron cornered (thinking he is Sam), it seemed like he was trying to kill him (especially in 668, when his sword was only blocked by Aaron's hand). However, when he tracks down the real Sam, he explains that he is trying to give Sam the crown, not harm him. Any reason for his, uh, rougher treatment of Aaron? He did, After all, think that Aaron was Sam, so he shouldn't have been trying to kill him." -Daniel

Blank had spent the past year of his life trying to track Sam down, and now that he was so sure he'd found him, he was not going to take no for an answer. So when Aaron kept giving him lip and insisting that he wasn't Sam, Blank had a bit of a tantrum. I don't he would actually have cut Aaron's "smug face off" -- not deliberately, anyway -- but I do think he'd have kicked/chopped the unholy crap out of him until he admitted his "real" identity.

The real Sam, on the other hand, was honest with Blank and ready to accept his fate. No threats or beating required!

Man, I drew these comics a million years ago, but I remember thinking about these scenes a lot at the time. I knew I had to make sure Blank only resorted to striking Aaron after being pushed too hard or it wouldn't make sense. Did I pull it off? Well, I leave that for all of you to decide!

"I feel a little slow for only just now seeing this, but...In the "Bat Fuzzy" print is the Fridge supposed to be Mr. Freeze?
And why Batman? Not that he isn't awesome or anything, but why not a different superhero?" -Angelica

Well, it all started a couple of years back, when a reader commissioned a drawing of Fuzzy in the Batman suit. Ever since then, the idea for this print has been gestating.

Batman has such a massive cast of unique and well-known sidekicks and enemies -- much larger than any other superhero, really -- so he's the perfect choice for the large-scale ensemble dress-up parody piece I wanted to draw. I had a lot of fun deciding which of Sam and Fuzzy's bazillion characters were best-suited to take on which roles. And there were many more I could have included if I'd had more space.

But Fridge as Mr. Freeze... that was too perfect to pass up!

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-Sam Logan

Apr 28, 2010

Preparation Montage

Let that be a lesson to you, everyone. When you're pouring the test tube solution, you've still got time to reconsider, but there's no going back after the snowman.

Boy oh boy! No sooner am I back from one show than it's time to start thinking about the next -- the Toronto Comics Art Festival, which arrives in only ten days! I haven't been to Toronto since I went to the Paradise con a billion years ago, so it'll be nice to see the big city again. (Not to mention all the insanely talented people who'll be exhibiting there!)

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-Sam Logan

Apr 26, 2010

Return from the Con

Man, how great was the Calgary Expo? I am so glad Alina convinced me to make the relatively hasty, last minute decision to attend -- because otherwise, I would have missed out on a one of my new favourite shows. Thanks to everyone who came by the booth to say hello and/or partake in our humble cartoon wares. I look forward to seeing you all again next year!

"Bat Fuzzy" Limited Prints... Now on Sale!

-Sam Logan