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Apr 21, 2017

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Shift Edition
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"What, canonically, is the very first thing to happen in the S&F universe, and what do you think will be the last?" -Alexander

I believe the absolute earliest event we've seen on-panel is this flashback to Gertrude's early childhood. At that point in the story, it was 21 in the past... which means by now, it would be 24 or 25 years ago!

The second-earliest on-panel event, I think, would be these flashback scenes of the original Buddy Bear massacre in Hope Springs, which have been referred to (a little inconsistently) as taking place roughly 15-20 years ago. Mr. Sin's original robotic disaster took place a little bit later than that Gert flashback, but still much earlier than the bulk of the strip, during the time when Fuzzy was still Eric.

I can't say what the last thing is because that would be spoilers!

"This is a tiny thing, but when Sam first joined the Committee, he sat to the right of Sin on the opposite end of the table. But since the tragic (PFFT!) death of Sin, Sam sits alone on the table end, however their voting buttons have switched positions. The Ninja-Mafia voting button is on the left side while Sin's voting button is on the right. He even votes with the ninja mafia one first out of force of habit, then moves right to vote on the other one. Was there a reason for that?" -Anthony

There is not! I didn't really even notice I'd done it, to be honest. Those little voting placards aren't actually attached to the table, though, so it's pretty easy for people to move them around. (For example, poor rejected Mr. Tusks.)

"Sam isn’t getting any compensation for restaffing the erasers? What, do erasers work for free or something?" -Beta Jake

The Eraser mafiosos themselves are paid a salary, I'm sure. But I don't think Sam or the Ninja Mafia at large is being compensated for loaning the manpower. (It would probably be considered a conflict of interest for an individual member to generate profit providing a service that is presumably funded by the whole.) So while he's not losing money paying those men, he's still contributing a portion of his manpower to something that isn't generating any revenue, leaving less mafiosos free to do actual Ninja Mafia work!

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-Sam Logan

Apr 19, 2017


Rexford is very encouraging!

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-Sam Logan

Apr 17, 2017

Threatometer not legal for trade

Cyborg Mafioso head honcho Max Keller had very little time for Sam right since the beginning, but he's had even less so since the calamitous blood heist of the Four Finger Discount chapter, and then even less than that since things went down with Mr. Sin. How much worse could it get? Two lights' worth, apparently.

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